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What Every Brewer Needs in An Employee Handbook


When drafted properly, employee handbooks are guidelines on your expectations, policies and benefits; it can be the cornerstone of your defense when an employee sues you for discrimination or other employment claims. However, when it comes to breweries and brewpubs, employers may not even think to draft an employee handbook at all. In an article published in Craft Brewing Business, Todd Fredrickson shares what every brewery/brewpub employer should include and what not to include in an employee handbook. In his article, Fredrickson recommends all handbooks including information on the company’s Equal Employment Opportunity policy, anti-discrimination/harassment policy, and Family and Medical Leave Act policy (if you have 50 or more employees). In addition, employers may want to consider featuring computer and cell phone usage policies, email and internet monitoring notifications and details on discipline, paid time off and a benefits summary.

To read the full article, visit Craft Brewing Business.


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