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Weighing Whether To Fight Unemployment Claims


Rich Meneghello’s article “Weighing Whether To Fight Unemployment Claims,” was featured on

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding unemployment claims filed by ex-employees, Rich wrote.

Rich said he will try to help answer the question, “Should we fight an unemployment claim?” A recent decision by the Oregon Court of Appeals shows just how difficult it is for employers to prevail in such claims.

Lisa Fox worked as a pharmacy technician for Kaiser Foundation Health for over 13 years until her termination in January 2013. On Jan. 17, 2013, Fox knew she was in for a bad day because she was perilously close to being late for work. Her company required her to clock in for her shift within four minutes of the start time of her shift, meaning she needed to clock in by 6:34 a.m. or face possible disciplinary action. She was already on notice of prior attendance violations, so she was frantic that morning and in a rush to get to work on time, Rich wrote.

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