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Weed In the Workplace:  Should You Rewrite Your Employee Handbook To Be Ready For Jan.1? 


Associate Bailey Bifoss and Partner Jason Geller was quoted in the article “Weed in the workplace: Should you rewrite your employee handbook to be ready for Jan. 1?” featured in the San Francisco Business Times. On January 1, 2018 retail marijuana will become legal in the state of California. Business owners are wondering what changes they should make to their drug policy with the legalization of marijuana.

Jason said, "Employers should decide how they will address, from a policy perspective, marijuana use by their employees. They should then conform their policies and practices to these preferences." "Some employers may not make any changes to their policies on zero tolerance for illegal use, which is still allowed under the new laws," Bailey said. "However, some California legislators previously proposed bills to extend protections for medicinal users in the workplace. That legislation did not pass, but is likely to be reintroduced. Employers should be tracking all such developments."

The article outlines the top seven things employers should know when revisiting their workplace policies.

To read the entire article, please visit San Francisco Business Times

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