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Use of Alternative Staffing Arrangements During These Uncertain Times Could Mean Increased Risks For Employers


Confidence in the U.S. economy remains low. Total private-sector employment in June 2010 was below employment levels in December 2007 and employers still appear reluctant to add regular full-time workers. Instead, they are using all sorts of alternative staffing arrangements to avoid what they perceive to be their obligations to regular, full-time employees. However, the converging trends of increased use of these alternative arrangements and substantially increased government enforcement may actually create more risks for employers.

Over time, employers need to periodically re-analyze their use of these alternative staffing arrangements and modify them as appropriate for their businesses and in light of any enforcement or legislative changes.

This article appeared in the July 30, 2010 edition of Bloomberg Law Reports – Labor & Employment. Click on the link below to view the full article.

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