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Unions To Congress: Eliminate Secret Ballots: The Employee Free Choice Act


It seems incredible that in America of all places, arguments must be mustered to support the idea of a secret-ballot election. Yet, that is exactly the situation in the current Congress. Rep. George Miller, current chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, has introduced the oddly named "Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)," perhaps better known as the "card check" bill. Its purpose? Eliminate the right of employees to decide via secret ballot whether they wish to be represented by a labor union.

If secret-ballot elections are good enough for Congress, are urged upon our Mexican neighbors, are supported by unions when their interests are at stake and have been lauded in Supreme Court decisions, they would seem to be good enough for American workers, especially when an event as significant as potential unionization is the issue.

This article appeared in the May 22, 2007 issue of Andrews Employment Litigation Reporter.


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