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Touchy Situation: Hire Right to Protect Your Business


Your spa employees several massage therapists, including Mark, hired six months ago. You recently received two guest complaints about Mark. The complaints involve personal comments and inappropriate touching. When you discuss the situation with Mark, he denies doing anything inappropriate. You may believe you don't have enough evidence of wrongdoing to take any action against Mark. However, you must protect your company from a negligence lawsuit.

We recommend the following steps to assure you do not find yourself in this situation. First, consider how you educate your guests about the spa experience. Second, screen all applicants for employment carefully. Finally, you should run your spa like any business. Train your supervisors and managers to conduct proper interviews, make non-discriminatory and consistent disciplinary and discharge decisions, have an employee handbook, a no-harassment policy, and a drug-testing policy.

This article appeared in the May 2007 issue of Resort+Recreation magazine.


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