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Top Seven Employment Law Tips for Small Franchises


You worked hard to get a franchise and you're off and running. You incorporated your company, got the appropriate licenses, started marketing, and hired some employees. Everything's under control, right? Not so fast. We have seen numerous small businesses get tripped up by employment laws. While larger companies have issues too, there are a few problems that we see more frequently with smaller businesses. 

No matter how good you may be at the business side, it's crucial to make sure you take care of your obligations to your employees and the government as well. With that in mind, we present our top seven employment law tips for small franchisees.

  1. Implement, review and enforce employment policies
  2. Comply with all posting requirements
  3. Train, train, train
  4. Don't try to do It all yourself
  5. Get outside help when you need it
  6. Invest in tools to help your company comply with the law
  7. Purchase employment practices liability insurance

While the requirements placed on employers can seem burdensome, spending some time and energy focusing on these areas before there are "bumps in the road" will frequently make for a smoother ride in the future.

This article appeared in the September 2011 issue of The Voice – Publication of Domino's Franchise Association.


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