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Top 10 Must-dos When an Employee Joins a Competitor


Mike Greco’s article “Top 10 Must-dos When an Employee Joins a Competitor” was featured in Colorado Biz on August 3, 2015.

When an employee resigns to join a competitor, it is important to respond promptly. Odds are that the employee has been orchestrating his or her departure for weeks or months. The security of your trade secrets and/or customer relationships may have already been compromised. It is important to act quickly.

In the article, Mike provides employers with 10 things to keep in mind, when an employee joins a competitor.

  1. Discontinue remote electronic access
  2. Ensure return of records and property
  3. Freeze usage of employee’s computer
  4. Exit interview
  5. Check computers
  6. Transition clients
  7. Interview co-workers
  8. Online social media
  9. Notify former employee of contractual obligations
  10. Scan files

To read the full article, please visit Colorado Biz.


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