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Title IX Interpretations Could Threaten Academic Freedom, Report Says


The article, “Title IX Interpretations Could Threaten Academic Freedom, Report Says,” featured in The Harvard Crimson, discussed how recent interpretations of Title IX by the Office of Civil Rights that broadly define sexual harassment have created a “chilling” effect at America’s colleges and universities, threatening academic freedom, due process, and free speech, according to a recent released by the American Association of University Professors.

Scott Schneider weighed in on the AAUP’s report findings.

Scott said the AAUP report’s findings could be a sign that intervention by the Department of Education in higher education has gone from one extreme—from deference to decisions made by universities before the 1970s—to another.

“You sort of wonder, has the pendulum swung the other way?”

To read the full article, please visit The Harvard Crimson.


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