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Tips for Hiring Holiday Help


Despite the recession, the holiday season will undoubtedly be the busiest time of year for retailers - providing them with the opportunity to gain some profitable momentum as the year comes to an end. Many retail companies will rely upon short-term staffers to help them get through the craziness of the holiday shopping season. However, in today's era of rampant litigation, retail employers have become a target and must be aware of the legal liabilities they face during this important time of year for their business.

Here are eight tips for hiring your holiday workforce:

  1. Be Clear about the Position from the Start
  2. Obey All Break Requirements & Know the Child Labor Issues
  3. Properly Classify Employees
  4. Ensure Company Handbook Addresses Compensation Issues For Those Who Work Holidays
  5. Be Aware of Necessary Religious Accommodations for Staff
  6. Don't Overlook the Importance of Background Checks
  7. Notify Employees if Surveillance Cameras are Watching
  8. Know State Laws About Refusing to Hire the Unattractive

This article appeared in the October 2009 issue of Retail Information Systems News. It also appeared in the October 2009 issue ofGreetings Magazine and in The Apparel eNewsletter on November 11, 2009.


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