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The Top Laws Every New York Employer Needs to Know


Melissa Osipoff authored the article, "The Top Laws Every New York Employer Needs to Know," which was featured in the New York Business Journal. In the article, Osipoff discusses some employment laws that New York employers should be aware of.

"Navigating the minefield of New York labor and employment laws can be challenging for companies operating in New York, particularly businesses that are new to the state.

In addition to the federal employment laws that businesses large and small must be aware of, and abide by, there are many different employment laws in New York State, as well as other New York municipalities, to consider.

Employers should be cognizant that many New York state laws offer employees greater protections than federal law. Localities such as New York City often provide protections that exceed the state law as well."

To read the full article, please visit the New York Business Journal.


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