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The Top 5 Personnel Mistakes that a Startup Can Make


David Monk’s article “The Top 5 Personnel Mistakes that a Startup Can Make” was featured in Times of San Diego on February 11, 2015.

Starting your own business is thrilling, and the thought of calling the shots inspires many entrepreneurial spirits. But along with the thrill comes the responsibility of dealing with the endless array of employee issues.

In the article, David discusses the top five personnel mistakes an entrepreneur can make:

  1. Inadequate Record-Keeping.
  2. Failing to Hire Employees in Accordance with Your Business Needs.
  3. Failing to Thoroughly Vet Job Applicants.
  4. Not Having an Employee Handbook. 
  5. Holding on to a Bad Hire.

To read the full article, please visit Times of San Diego.


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