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The Threat Within: Protecting Your Dental Practice From Unfair Competition By Former Employees: Part II


Part 1 of "The Threat Within" addressed the best preventive steps a dental practice should take to prepare for an employee's departure when that employee seeks to compete with the practice. This article examines what steps to take right after an employee comes into a practice administrator's office and says, "I'm leaving and I'm going to the practice three blocks away." 

  1. Demand the return of the practice's property
  2. Check e-mail folders and cell phone records
  3. Preserve the hard drive

It is rarely pleasant to deal with an employee leaving. That said, use of the best practices outlined in this article and Part 1 can keep an unpleasant situation from going from bad to worse.

This article appeared on April 10, 2013 on Dentistry IQ.


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