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The Ten Policies Every Hotel Must Have In Its Employee Handbook


John Mavros' article “The Ten Policies Every Hotel Must Have In Its Employee Handbook” was featured in the Hotel Executive.

The purpose of a hotel’s employee handbook is to communicate in clear, direct terms the most important policies that govern its employees.  Without one, a hotel is bound to encounter problems when supervisors/managers are unaware of company policies or when they fail to apply them correctly.  More importantly, not having the proper policies in writing could put a hotel at risk for a lawsuit.  The article highlights some of the key policies that every hotel must have in its employee handbook.

  1.  “At-Will” Policy
  2. Dress and Grooming Standard Policy
  3. Electronic Devices Policy
  4. Medical Leaves of Absences
  5. Employee Behavior
  6. Social Media Access Policy
  7. Vacation Accrual
  8. Conducting Searches of Employees
  9. Confidentiality Provisions
  10. Policy Against Unlawful Harassment

To read the full article, please visit Hotel Executive. [subscription required]

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