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The Robots are Coming (to eliminate employment discrimination)


Corey Goerdt’s article "The Robots are Coming (to eliminate employment discrimination)” was featured in the HUB on December 13, 2015.

Artificial intelligence has made our lives easier in many ways. New smartphone technologies allow our everyday devices to do everything from inferring where we live and work to organizing our photos through facial recognition technology. Amazon Echo, a voice command device that came out this summer, was ridiculed by some, but made others nervous with its ever-listening, subversive technology called Alexa.

As technology improves, AI programs like Alexa may also be the key to eliminating discrimination in the workplace. Overt racism or sexism in hiring is pretty easy for employers to spot and stamp out. Too often, though, application and hiring processes are riddled with unintentional or subconscious flaws that leave employers with a potentially costly lack of diversity.

In the article, Corey cites previous examples of employer liability cases and lays out the potential benefit artificial intelligence poses for employers when hiring new employees.

To read the full article, please visit HUB.


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