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The Impact Of The Gig Economy On The Hospitality Industry


Lariza Hebert and Pamela Williams authored the article, "The Impact Of The Gig Economy On The Hospitality Industry," featured in Hotel & Texas Lodging Association. In the article, Hebert and Williams detail the role that the sharing economy plays in the world of hospitality.

"When many employers hear the term “gig economy,” they immediately think of popular services such as Uber and Lyft. However, the gig economy reaches far beyond ride-sharing services. It impacts almost all industries, and even large, multinational corporations are becoming part of this burgeoning workforce development. 

What is the gig economy exactly? The word “gig” is a term that originated with the music industry – musicians usually move from job to job and are hired to play on a per-gig basis. The gig economy is built on the concept of an employer hiring a worker for a particular task or a finite period of time, with no necessary ongoing connection to the business. And because just about everyone has a smartphone these days, there is a perfect digital platform to efficiently connect a consumer with a worker who has some free time on their hands."

To read the full article, please visit Hotel & Texas Lodging Association.   

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