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Taking The Sting Out Of Workplace Romance


Grace Horoupian and Tyler Rasmussen’s article “Taking the Sting Out of Workplace Romance,” was published in the Entertainment Human Resources Network newsletter.

While Internet dating is becoming more prevalent, recent surveys indicate more and more employees are looking for love in the next cubical over, the front desk at the workplace, or even the supervisor’s office, the duo wrote.

In an annual survey, reported that 38 percent of workers across the US have dated someone who worked for the same company, and 16 percent said they have done so more than once.

Unfortunately, workplace romance can go awry, statements can be misinterpreted, and flirting can result in claims of unwanted touching.

Ultimately, these situations can give rise to complaints and lawsuits, particularly where one participant in the relationship later claims that it was less love and more stalking or harassment, Grace and Tyler explained.

Read their full article here.

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