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‘Summer Cleaning’ is For Updating Your Employee Handbook


Let’s face it: Your handbook is likely out of date, even if it has been updated in the past few years. Labor and employment laws have undergone, and continue to undergo, significant change. As a result, it is important for employers to periodically review and revise their employee handbooks to ensure their HR policies, practices, and procedures comply with applicable laws and other current obligations and requirements. In a contributed article for Recruiter Magazine, Jaklyn Wrigley and Steve Cupp share the concept of ‘summer cleaning’ as a way of remembering to update your company’s employee handbook every year. The key areas that should be addressed annually include harassment/retaliation, at-will employment, leaves of absence, reasonable accommodations for pregnancy or disability, drugs in the workplace/drug testing, weapons/violence in the workplace, wage and hour, and discipline.

To read the full article, visit Recruiter Magazine.


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