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Staying Out Of The Danger Zone


Howard Mavity’s article “Staying Out of the Danger Zone,” was published in Vol. 23 Issue 5 of I Think Bigger

You are about to take over new office space. You relied on your builder or landlord, and you probably did not spend much time pondering whether your new space meets OSHA requirements. After all, you are not a foundry or a chemical processor, Howard wrote.  

Unfortunately, while you do not have the safety challenges associated with heavy manufacturing, your new site may present OSHA problems, and few employers are aware of them. If OSHA inspects a complaint, you may receive $50,000 or $60,000 in penalties for seemingly “minor” items that never occurred to you. If you plan to expand to other locations, those serious citations may later serve as the basis for up to $70,000 per “repeat” item at all other locations. 

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