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South Carolina Union Activity: The Calm Before the Storm


As we move into the second part of the year, union organizing appears to be down in South Carolina. This is good news for South Carolina economic development and for employers needing to work directly with their employees to respond to the current economic challenges. However, a closer review of the union organizing activity indicates that 2008 may simply be the calm before the storm.

There is no doubt that organized labor is setting itself up to take advantage of any changes in the political landscape occurring as a result of the upcoming elections. If organized labor is successful in achieving all or part of its legislative agenda, there will be an increase in union activity because winning organization drives will become much easier. On the other hand, even if organized labor is not successful, it will be faced with the fact that the only way to survive is to bring in more members through traditional organizing efforts. Either way, South Carolina employers should anticipate seeing more organizing activity in 2009 and start taking steps to prepare for it.

This article appeared in the September 2008 issue of South Carolina Business.


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