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Security Law Overburdens Employers


A new rule issued by the Department of Homeland Security last month will have a dramatic effect on Florida employers and employees. Under the guise of enhanced border security, DHS is mandating new procedures for employers for how they must respond to mismatch letters issued by the Social Security Administration. Essentially, the federal government is shifting its law enforcement responsibilities concerning immigration to employers.

Increasing interior enforcement and strengthening the employment eligibility and verification system without a legalization program for current unauthorized workers and without a guest worker program to address our future workforce needs will be detrimental to the economy and the stability of an essential workforce. Forcing workers into the black-market economy where they do not pay taxes is neither sound economic policy nor in the country's security interests. Employers would be well advised to urge their congressional representatives to immediately put a legislative hold on the DHS until comprehensive immigration reform can be enacted.

This article appeared in the September 03, 2007 issue of The Miami Herald.


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