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OSHA Regulations Revised on Reporting Injuries, Fatalities


Whitney Selert’s article “OSHA Regulations Revised on Reporting Injuries, Fatalities” was featured in Pahrump Valley Times on December 24, 2014.

OSHA regulations require covered employers to report certain types of workplace injuries and to maintain specific records of occupational injuries and illnesses using the OSHA 300 log. On Jan. 1, expanded reporting and recordkeeping rules take effect and we at Fisher &Phillips expect OSHA to increase its effort to enforce these new rules.

In the article, Whitney addresses some of the significant changes to OSHA’s regulations regarding injury reporting.

  1. Any work-related fatality must still be reported to OSHA within eight hours of the employer learning of that fatality.
  2.  Employers must also report to OSHA within 24 hours any injury to any individual employee that involves in-patient hospitalization, amputation (including partial amputation) or the loss of an eye.
  3. Employers that were previously exempt from these recordkeeping requirements should review OSHA’s revised list to confirm whether their status has changed. That information is online at .
  4. Site inspection and fine data are already publicly available.

To read the full article, please visit Pahrump Valley Times.


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