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Offering a Worksite Clinic? It's not Just HIPAA You Need to Worry About


Lorie Maring’s article “Offering a Worksite Clinic? It’s not Just HIPAA You Need to Worry About” was featured in Corporate Wellness Magazine on September 3, 2014.

Worksite clinics are increasing in popularity, and no longer limited to Fortune 500 companies. Depending on the design, worksite clinics are proving to be a valuable wellness option for employers with as few as 250 employees. Even public employers are getting on board and choosing worksite clinics as a way of increasing employee productivity and controlling rising healthcare costs. While the advantages may outweigh any compliance obligations, employers considering a worksite clinic should be aware that it isn’t just privacy and HIPAA concerns that come into play. Numerous other regulatory laws must be considered.

In the article, Lorie discusses a number of regulatory laws and concerns that must be considered when offering worksite clinics. Some of these concerns include:

To read the full article, please visit Corporate Wellness Magazine.


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