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Manufacturers Should Make ISO 45001 Part of the Workplace Safety Conversation


What can manufacturing employers do to help ensure a safe workplace and prevent their companies from falling victim to tragic accidents? In an article published by the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers, Executive Director of Fisher Phillips Safety Solutions, Robert Smith, and Louisville partner George Adams, explain that the best way for manufacturers to reduce workplace injuries is by ensuring that the new standard known as “ISO 45001” is part of the conversation.

The article explains that the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), with the help of safety and health experts from more than 70 countries, developed ISO 45001 as the new international consensus and certification standard for occupational safety and health. The article goes on to describe ISO 45001 as the “gold standard” that companies are encouraged to adopt to not only drive safety into the company’s culture but also to help retain suppliers and customers.

To read the article, visit The Goods on the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers’ website.


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