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Implementing an Effective Trade Secrets/Confidential Information Protection Program


In the article, "Implementing an Effective Trade Secrets/Confidential Information Protection Program," featured in Today's General Counsel, Partner Robert Yonowitz discusses confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement dos and don'ts.

"With the easy portability of information enabled by technology, it’s important for in-house counsel to implement a trade secrets/confidential business information protection program. Such a program will have two principal components: physical security and legal security. It must include measures taken during the employment relationship as well as the extremely important exit interview process.

In respect to physical security, restrict access to servers, routers, and individual databases to those whose jobs require it. Consider using an enterprise “vault” within the company’s email system to make automatic, non-deletable copies of all emails. Keep locations containing the company’s computer hardware and backup devices locked. Establish password protocols for all employees. Train employees on their confidentiality obligations, and establish consistent exit interview procedures."

To read the full article, please visit Today's General Counsel.


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