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HR 2007 - Drug Testing Trends and State Law Activity


A look at the history of drug testing and what to expect next

(The following excerpts are from the Thompson publication Human Resources 2007: Answers to Your Top 25 Questions)

What are the HR issues that keep you up at night? If you're both lucky and good, the answer is "none." But if you're not among the fortunate few who can give that answer honestly, there are some other possible answers to this question...

This book was written to help you sleep at night. In a nutshell it is designed to accomplish three goals.

  1. First, it will help you quantify the scope and level of effort likely to be needed by your HR staff in 2007. This is a key strategic function in HR departments of all sizes.
  2. Second, it will help you make the connection from that strategic insight to the tactical work that you will face putting it into practice.
  3. And third, it will help you evaluate the "fit" of new ideas and the impact of new trends on your organization, and to implement those ideas and trends in a smart and cost efficient manner.


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