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How to Protect Employees Who are Working Abroad


Danielle Urban’s article “How to Protect Employees Who are Working Abroad” was featured in Colorado Biz on December 17, 2015.

So your company is expanding and, for the first time, you'll be sending key employees abroad to work in other markets. While the opportunities for expansion may appear limitless, so is your potential liability for failing to protect your employees from the myriad problems they may face while traveling on business. While some risks may appear obvious, such as the Ebola virus in West Africa, kidnapping in Syria or fighting in Ukraine, there are other, less obvious risks such as an employee falling in the shower or suffering from a poisonous insect bite.

In the article, Danielle addresses four key factors to consider when protecting employees who are working abroad:

  1. What type of assignment will the employee have?
  2. Assess Risks and Develop a Plan
  3. Train employees prior to departure.
  4. Track your traveling employees.

To read the full article, please visit Colorado Biz.

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