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How To Maintain A Proper Dress Code In The Workplace


Shayna Balch was a guest blogger for the Phoenix Business Journal on April 1, 2014.

Many employees and employers find themselves asking the question “How hot is too hot?” If your employees are not required to wear a uniform to the office and there is no official dress code that they must follow, a lot can be left up to personal interpretation, Shayna wrote.

She offered several suggestions that can help employers keep the peace and employees stay cool when the mercury is on the rise.

Come up with a dress code policy– First consider what you are trying to achieve through a corporate dress code. Do you want employees to maintain a certain look, wear clothes that are not provocative, or always wear clothing that will keep them safe from any potential work-related accidents? Best practice is to have a year-round policy that is enforced without regard to outside temperatures.

Click here to see Shayna’s full list of suggestions.


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