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How Employers Should Adapt to New Illinois Employment Laws


Illinois recently enacted sweeping legislation in an effort to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. Illinois Senate Bill 75 created the Workplace Transparency Act, amended the Illinois Human Rights Act and the Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act, and introduced the Sexual Harassment Victim Representation Act and the Hotel and Casino Employee Safety Act. In a contributed article appearing in Cook County Record, Lauren Bever and Franklin Wolf discuss how the new laws will significantly impact how employers do business in Illinois. In the article, Lauren and Franklin discuss the new amendments to the Illinois Human Rights Act, the creation of the Workplace Transparency Act and what employers should do right now. The authors state, “All employers with employees working in Illinois (including nonemployee contractors or consultants) should take immediate steps to review their internal policies, procedures and agreements with counsel to ensure legal compliance.”

To read the full article, visit Cook County Record.

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