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Hey Boss, Check Out My New Tattoo!


One day, you wake up and you realize something in your office has gotten out of hand. You suddenly realize that your office looks something short of professional. Many employees have visible tattoos on their lower backs, ankles and arms. Both men and women have piercings on their eyebrows, nose and ears. And although you want to portray a different image, you don't know what to do. Where would you start? Is it legal to prohibit? What can you do?

The bottom line is that employers have plenty of rights when it comes to enforcing general appearance standards. As with all human resources issues, the key is consistent application of your policies. Make sure your policies are clearly communicated to all of your employees, and educate your supervisors on enforcement. If an employee brings a complaint to you about the policies or enforcement, make sure to carefully consider their concerns and not be dismissive of their report.

This article appeared in the May 2, 2008 issue of Daily Journal of Commerce - Portland, OR.


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