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Harvey, Harassment, and Holiday Parties


The empowerment of women and men to come forward with allegations of sexual harassment has seemed to reach an unprecedented high as we approach 2018. In the article titled, “Harvey, Harassment, and Holiday Parties” featured in the December issue of the WCR newsletter, Attorneys Wendy Mcguire Coats, Megan E. Walker and Danielle Krauthamer discuss how the casual atmosphere of holiday parties can be breeding grounds for sexual harassment claims and other assaults. The article outlines what sexual harassment is, from a legal standpoint. How to stand  clear of the gray areas, and ways for employers to throw holiday parties that are safe and enjoyable at the same time.

“With the holiday season now in full swing, many employers will throw holiday parties. Employees and supervisors may have their guards down, creating an extra dangerous environment for potential harassment claims, particularly if alcohol is involved. With opportunity for harassment at every turn, and with Harvey on everyone’s mind, each employer should enter the holiday season armed with information about how to set an appropriate tone at holiday parties and how to effectively respond to and resolve potential complaints.”

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