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Getting Your Employees in the Holiday Mood - Without Getting Sued!


With the Holiday Season just around the corner, many employers ask us about the wisdom of holding company parties. There is always a risk involved in holding any company-sponsored function. According to one study, 36% of employers reported behavioral problems at their most recent company party. Misconduct may include excessive drinking, vulgar or offensive language, fist-fights or inappropriate sexual advances. Employers may be civilly liable for harassment or discrimination claims, as well as negligent or intentional acts occurring within the scope of employment.

We realize that there are benefits to holding a Holiday Party; such as improving employee morale and fostering loyalty. Despite the risks, approximately 79% of employers hold holiday parties each year. Should you decide to host a Holiday Party, please accept these recommendations for limiting liability as our Holiday gift to you.

Click on the link below to download our recommendations.

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