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Frisky Business: Implementing a 'Non-fraternization' Policy at Work


In an effort to prevent office romance problems, employment lawyers have long advised their clients to institute "non-fraternization" policies forbidding dating or sexual relationships between supervisors and their subordinates. Not all employers have implemented these policies, though. Unfortunately, many companies do not frown on these relationships, and some turn a blind eye. In rare circumstances, some companies have required that the individuals involved in sexual relationships sign a "love Contract" acknowledging the voluntary nature of the relationship.

You should implement an appropriate "non-fraternization" policy, and don't hesitate to discipline supervisors who have affairs with individuals under their control. Managers and supervisors should not look the other way when it comes to office romance. Affairs between supervisors and subordinates may not only be disruptive and interfere with work and productivity, but in California they may lead to accusations of sexual harassment.

This article appeared in the February 14, 2008 issue of the The Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journals.

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