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Phoenix Business Journal: Five 'Off The Clock' Activities That Can Get You Fired


Shayna Balch's for the Phoenix Business Journal on May 13, 2014.

What you do and say outside of your place of employment is your private business, right? Think again, she wrote.

In the state of Arizona, the majority of employment relationships are at-will. Which means that if you don’t have a contract with your employer, you could be terminated at any time and for any reason that is not illegal, Shayna explained. While most employers don’t have the time or desire to monitor your every move outside of work, the Internet has made it much easier to keep tabs on inappropriate behavior.


  1. Violating anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies- When coworkers socialize outside of work, complaints of inappropriate touching or violence between coworkers become commonplace, especially when drinking is involved, Shayna wrote. Complaints can also arise from co-workers spouting off on social media. Be sure you are up to date on what your employee handbook deems as harassing and discriminatory behavior before socializing with fellow co-workers.

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