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Five Essential Tips: Managing Your Workforce In A Slumping Economy


The good news is that your doors are still open, and your business picked up (slightly) during the busy summer season. Just as economists are telling workers that "any job is a good job," so too should restaurants understand that the fact that you are still in business is a not-too-insignificant victory. Beyond bare­ly surviving, though, you want to continue to thrive and grow, and emerge from this slumping economy in a better position than a year ago. One often-overlooked area in this development progression is in the labor field. What can you do with your workforce today to ensure that you not only withstand the battering blows of a poor economy, but also get the most out of your people? Consider these five suggestions a primer for managing your workforce in this new era:

  1. Hire Well
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Retain and Delvelop Your Top Talent
  4. Consider Cutting Labor Costs
  5. Fire When Necessary

This article appeared in the August 2009 issue of Main Ingredient.


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