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Employers Should Think Carefully When Installing Surveillance


As spying in the workplace becomes more prevalent, employers are asking questions about their ability to conduct surveillance on their employees during business hours: Is it legal? What happens if I get caught? Do I have to tell the employees that I am watching them? What can I do if I find out that an employee is doing something illegal or against my policies? It is essential that every employer know his or her rights and obligations about monitoring employees at work.

It is generally a wise practice for any employer who is going to engage in workplace surveillance to carefully consider the method of surveillance, the manner in which it will be conducted, and what notice, if any, the employer needs/wants to give to the employees. It is generally a good idea from an employee relations standpoint to consider having policies in place that, at a minimum, advise employees not to expect privacy at work.

This article appeared in the November 20, 2006 issue of the Kansas City Business Journal.


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