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Is Your Employee Relations Program Up To Speed?

If it has been a while since you last reviewed your employee relations program, then it's time to make sure that it is up to speed. Even subtle changes in the legal landscape can impact what should be included in your workplace policies and procedures. Recent pro-labor activism by the National Labor Relations Board, however, has resulted in changes that are far from subtle. Among other things, the Board is implementing rules that will substantially reduce the period between representation petition and union election, and it is imposing a first-ever labor law notice-posting requirement on employers. Both of these rule changes will be effective April 30, 2012. In conjunction with various other pro-labor rule changes and decisions, these developments are almost certain to fuel organizing efforts.

Between now and April 30, employers have a limited window of opportunity to optimize the effectiveness of their employee relations programs, lawfully address lingering issues and concerns, update pertinent policies and procedures, and develop a comprehensive, broad-based and proactive labor relations strategy. At Fisher Phillips, we routinely work with our clients to audit their human resources and employee relations practices, review those practices for legal compliance, and institute supervisor training programs tailored to their specific industry and workplaces. Our experience can help you drastically minimize the likelihood of costly labor and employment problems down the road.

This checklist offers a sampling of the considerations that should become part of any effective labor relations program. For further guidance, we encourage you to consult your regular Fisher Phillips attorney, who can provide you with additional information concerning the scope of our preventive services.

Click on the Checklist to the right to review the document. You may also contact your Fisher Phillips attorney or e-mail us for additional information.

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