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Don't Let the Super Bowl Cause Super Problems


Rich Meneghello’ s article “Don’t Let the Super Bowl Cause Super Problems” was featured in DJC Oregon on February 5, 2016.

The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will face off in Super Bowl 50 this Sunday, and employees undoubtedly are very much aware of it. Many of them will be among the anticipated 115 million television viewers.

The impact of the Super Bowl will go well beyond Sunday evening, however. This game will impact workplaces in the days and weeks leading up to the event, and even into the next day. Here is what every employer needs to know about the Super Bowl.

In the article, Rich provides employers with steps they should take to be able to sit back, relax and actually enjoy the Super Bowl instead of worrying about the potential impact it will have on their workplaces.

To read the full article, please visit DJC Oregon.


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