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Don't Let Employee Attendance Issues Ruin Your Holiday Season


As the upcoming holiday season quickly approaches, our thoughts turn to turkey dinners, hot chocolate by the fireside, carolers on the street, and ornamented trees. Of course, we are also reminded of all our upcoming responsibilities: cooking a fifteen pound turkey for the in-laws, buying gifts for the kids, making travel arrangements, hanging decorations, attending numerous holiday parties, etc. The to-do list seems more daunting each year, and at a time when the sky grows dark before the work day is over, it feels like there isn't enough time to do everything we need to do.

Unfortunately for businesses, work is often the furthest thing from an employee's mind during this time of year. Employees may decide to miss partial or full days of work to take care of the items on their holiday to-do lists. Although it's natural for people to want to fit these tasks in during the workday, that does not mean that the company should suffer as a result. Company's are still in the business of making profits, even during the holidays, and unscheduled absences negatively impact the company's productivity and ultimately hurt its bottom line. Here are some tips for what companies can do to get ahead of the curve on attendance issues during the holiday season and the rest of the year.

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