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Do You Really Know How to Manage an OSHA Inspection?


Howard Mavity’s article “Do You Really Know How to Manage an OSHA Inspection?” was featured in the May/June 2015 issue of Labor & Industrial Insights Magazine.

Many articles on handling OSHA inspections provide the same basic guidelines and little explanation of why employers should take certain steps. You already know to take photos whenever the compliance officer (CO) takes shots and to take notes. But do you know why you should take those photos and what to look for? What do you need to note in order to challenge citations when they are issued six months later?

Every company site should have a number of managers who know the basic steps to take whenever any government investigator shows up. The most important step is for site managers to know whom to call to obtain guidance. No executive or in-house counsel will be pleased to learn of an investigation upon receipt of a citation. Through handling over 500 fatality and catastrophic cases, I’ve learned that no matter how tough one may be, they shut down when a coworker or subordinate is killed.

In the article, Howard advises how to plan for an inspection in advance, how to manage the inspection process, and how to properly handle any unforeseen push back.

“So long as you ensure OSHA knows that you are addressing any hazards, they will understand that your decision is dictated by business necessity and does not show a disregard for safety,” explains Howard.

To read the full article, please visit Labor & Industrial Insights Magazine.


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