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Create a Medal-Worthy Workplace During the Olympic Games


While the Olympic Games mean medals for American athletes, they also may present Olympic-size headaches for American employers. Many of the Olympics’ premier events and finals – being streamed live – occur during the daytime hours in the United Sates, when many employees are on the job. 

How should employers deal with Olympic fever? What options do they have to support patriotism while keeping employees focused on their jobs and maintaining productivity at appropriate levels?  

It’s prudent to advise management personnel that, if they notice someone spending excessive time preoccupied with the Olympics, a simple remedy may be to sit down with that person and request the employee to focus on the responsibilities for which they get paid. Calmly remind a worker not to let prolonged distractions interfere with getting the job done may resolve the problem quickly.  

The Olympics are in full swing. Right now is the time to review policies and discuss Olympic plans with employers wand employees to avid disruption without spoiling the spirit of the games and enjoyment of its many events.

This article appeared in the August 1, 2012 issue of Texas Lawyer.


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