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Buckle Up! Navigating the Legal Issues for Field Trips


Candice Pinares-Baez’s article “Buckle Up! Navigating the Legal Issues for Field Trips” was featured in The Edvocate on December 2, 2014.

There is no question that field trips are an essential part of strengthening the curriculum and creating an interactive learning experience for today’s students.  In fact, most independent schools pride themselves on the unconventional and unique off-campus learning opportunities provided to their students on both day trips and extended travel.  However, before blindly embarking on these endeavors, it is important for schools to ensure that they are properly safeguarding themselves against liability in case of an unfortunate event. The truth is that these opportunities can come with a multi-million dollar price tag if proper safeguards are not put into place.

In the article, Candice provides schools with four tips to help manage the risk and limit their exposure regarding field trip liabilities.

  1. Review and Analysis of Each Trip
  2. Implement and Enforce Strict Guidelines
  3. Prepare Proper Documentation
  4. Require Training

To read the full article, please visit The Edvocate. [subscription required]

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