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Big Labor Seeks Union Surge


Most Texas employers have historically been "nonunion." However, that may soon change as a "perfect storm" of economic and political forces seem poised to align. Unfortunately, a key element of this perfect storm may be one of the most catastrophically conceived federal labor laws of all time. In 2007, Congress began working toward the so-called "Employee Free Choice Act." In place of democratic elections, EFCA would have allowed unions to obtain representation rights by simply getting signed "authorization cards" through unregulated dialog with employees.

EFCA stalled in Congress, but Big Labor has made clear it will be back again and again until federal law makes unionization easier. Given intensified union interest in Texas, this legislative agenda is cause for enormous concern. And with the possibility of a Democratic administration that would likely support a revamped EFCA, there may indeed be a "perfect storm" on the horizon for Texas employers.

This article appeared in the December 21-27, 2007 issue of the Dallas Business Journal. A shorter version appeared in the January 4-10, 2008 issue of the Houston Business Journal.


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