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Biased? Not Me! Avoiding Unconscious Bias During the Hiring Process


In the article, "Biased? Not Me! Avoiding Unconscious Bias During the Hiring Process," featured in Crain's Cleveland Business, William Blackie provides employers with ways to combat their unconscious biases that may impact their hiring process.

"In an ideal world, an employer would evaluate candidates based solely on objective, measurable criteria without consideration of any matter not related to job performance. But in reality, many other factors come into play — including biases that the hiring manager is wholly unaware he or she harbors.

Although these unconscious biases are unintentional, they are abundant in the workplace — often targeting a broad range of characteristics. For instance, employers pay a 5% "beauty premium" to employees viewed as attractive, according to a study by Yale University. In addition, a Harvard University study revealed that men taller than 5'11" earn an average of $5,525 more per year than their shorter counterparts."

To read the full article, please visit Crain's Cleveland Business.


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