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Avoiding Legal Challenges to Employer Social Media Policies


In the article, “Avoiding Legal Challenges to Employer Social Media Policies” featured in the Akron Legal News, Melanie Webber discusses the importance of a workplace policy to include a carefully drafted social media policy.

Businesses have been benefiting from Facebook posts and Twitter greatly in the last 10 years or so. But when employees are tweeting about their supervisor or posting pictures from the last office function, it raises the question, where should the line be drawn?

“I do think it’s imperative in today’s world for businesses to have these policies, but they must be carefully drafted, keeping in mind that the National Labor Relations Act and its provisions allowing employees to speak openly about terms and conditions of employment apply to both union and nonunion employees… These policies cannot be created in a vacuum, “said Melanie. “They must align with other company policies and they cannot be vague and overly broad. Key terms need to be consistently defined in employer policies and rules.”

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