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Ask the Right Questions - and Take the Question Out of Hiring


The repercussions of making poor hiring decisions go beyond tarnishing a company's name - the wrong employee in a job can decrease productivity and company morale, leaving fellow employees to wonder why they're required to pull more than their fair share of the weight. It becomes a cancer that spreads throughout the organization.

Companies need to establish objective criteria for the interviewing process, such as consistency in the questions asked of each job applicant.. Another way to make good hiring decisions is to ensure that you ask questions that help to point out whether an applicant might become a problem employee.

In contrast with a bad hire, a good employee enhances the company's reputation and key relationships. By implementing good hiring practices, employers are more likely to have a dedicated and productive work force for years to come.

This article appeared in the January 2008 issue of the Kansas City Small Business Monthly.


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