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Are Employee Records Overcrowding Your Office?


Joshua Viau’s article “Are Employee Records Overcrowding Your Office?” was featured on Dentistry iQ, on September 24, 2014.

Office managers are always looking for ways to clear the clutter in what are often extremely crowded administrative desks and records areas. While most dental professionals are well versed in the various legal requirements concerning maintenance and destruction of patient records, there are also myriad laws that cover confidential information and records of employees. It is important for those in charge of maintaining such records to know what to keep, where to keep it, and for how long.

In the article, Joshua advises office managers and human resource personnel to establish and maintain a clear policy regarding record retention and destruction specifically tailored to employee records, to prevent mistakes and inconsistencies. He recommends that the policy includes a schedule, file location, and methods of destruction. Once the required retention time frames have been met, employers should create a destruction log and make sure that disposal is completed with finality and security so as to minimize the risk of a breach.

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