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A Guide To Marijuana, Employment In Today's Changing World


Danielle Urban’s article “A Guide To Marijuana, Employment In Today’s Changing World” was featured in the fall ezine of Small Business Digest.

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia permit medical marijuana use in some form.

Colorado and Washington also allow recreational use of marijuana, while Alaska and Oregon will legalize recreational marijuana use in 2015. District of Columbia voters approved a ballot initiative legalizing recreational marijuana that will be subject to Congressional review.

In the article, Danielle answers the following questions regarding Marijuana in the workplace:

  1. How does this affect me as an employer?
  2. Where should I start?
  3. How do I deal with positive tests where the employee shows me a prescription for medical marijuana?
  4. What if a current employee tells me he or she is using medical marijuana as part of treatment for a disability?
  5. What is an employer’s potential legal liability should an impaired employee injure someone else at work? 
  6. What are Best Practices for employers to consider implementing now?
  7. Any potential pitfalls of which employers should be aware?

To read the full article, please visit Small Business Digest.

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