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9 Things You Absolutely Must Do If You Have An OSHA Inspection


Howard Mavity wrote an article to explain why employers should take certain steps before and during an Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspection.

His article was published on and

1. Plan in advance

Every company site should have a number of managers who know the basic steps to take whenever any government investigator shows up. The most important step is for site managers to know who to call to obtain guidance. No executive or in-house counsel will be pleased to learn of an investigation upon receipt of a citation.

Fatalities call for even more well prepared systems. I have learned that no matter how tough one may be, they shut down when a co-worker or subordinate is killed. At most, site management can deal with evacuating and protecting employees, and dealing with first responders.

The company needs a system in place so that with one call, the site manager activates corporate support, including legal and risk management guidance, assistance to employees and families, and press and media management.

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