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5 Tips For Keeping Clients Out Of Hiring Hot Water


As unemployment steadily declines, it's likely your clients may be among those expanding their workforces with new hires. If so, now is the time to advise them to evaluate their processes so they can be assured of identifying the best possible candidates while screening out those who may be "high risk" or problem candidates.

Hiring the wrong employees can not only cost your clients money, it may also get the employer into hot water when it comes to separating them from employment down the line.

To maximize an employer's prospects, here are five crucial considerations for effective hiring procedure that every employer should know:

  1. Define Exactly What You Are Looking For
  2. Stay Inbounds When Conducting an Interview
  3. Complete a Thorough Background Check, but Be Careful About Using Social Networking Information
  4. Place a Priority on Scheduling Orientations
  5. Get Properly Introduced with a 90-day, or Other, Introductory Period

Throughout the hiring process, managers must trust their gut when it comes to determining whether an applicant is qualified, teachable and willing to accept supervision. An effective hiring process can result in quality employees who enhance the company's reputation and key relationships. By implementing these and other best practices in hiring, employers are more likely to have a dedicated and productive workforce for years to come.

This article appeared on April 16, 2012 on Employment Law360.

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